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Just got the following email:
<blockquote>Gud day to you! I saw your cooking on lifestyle channel and it really is great!!! My mum opened a small coffee shop in our province (Bontoc, Mountain Province, Philippines) and she’s making pancakes for the early birds unfortunately she can’t get the right mixture. I was thinking if your good self could send me the recipe that you i saw on lifestyle channel. I tried to get it from their web site but i can’t find it. I really would appreciate it so much if you can help me with this. Thanks a lot and more power to you!!!!</blockquote>
Hmm, what do you do with this? I thought about replying that I’ll be in the Phillipines next week and that I’d be happy to prepare my special pancakes for both of them, but I decided that was a little mean. So I just disabused her of the notion that I’m some high-falutin’ cooking show host—I have no idea where she got that one—and wished her well on her pancake quest.