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Charles Haddad’s “Byte of the Apple” column for BusinessWeek returned yesterday with a theme along the lines of one of my previous entries. [Side note: Doesn’t Haddad look like he’s doing a “got milk?” spot?]

He predicts that Apple’s iPod music player will grow to become its primary source of business, relegating the hardware to “perhaps even a giveaway someday to lure eager iPod buyers.” Umm, perhaps not. I don’t see the Macintosh platform fading into obscurity or Apple shifting its focus to the music player anytime soon. I’d say that the WWDC keynote announcements suggest that Apple’s still got some confidence in Mac OS X and the hardware platform to support it.

He’s been on a six-month hiatus from the column; I suppose we should give him a few columns to regain his sense of punditry. He’s obviously still a little rusty and Dvorak-y.