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Awhile back, I recommended an application called Library 1.0 for book cataloging. I said that paying my shareware fee of $10 would help with future development and that said development would hopefully fill out the features it lacked. I even sent the developer an email suggesting the features that I would like to see.

Today, ArcaneWare released Library 1.1. The new 310k download offers everything I wanted and more! It’s like the developer fulfilled all of my feature requests. I don’t suppose he did because he never responded to my email, but I don’t care all the same. The batch ISBN entry and text file import are worth the $10 fee alone. The HTML export is clean and simple—it’s not XHTML by any stretch of the imagination, but hopefully it’s customizable.

In related news, I’m up to 106 books cataloged. Admittedly, I haven’t been putting a lot of energy into it.