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MacRumors notes that the WWDC keynote will be broadcast in participating Apple Stores, including my home base. With my $5,000 Apple Loan open and idle from disuse and a wife who can get me an educator discount, I’m mighty tickled with anticipation. Or it’s the carbonation in my Sunkist. Whichever. (Those last two sentences were what you might call an homage to As the Apple Turns. The clever twist of phrase followed by a choice “Whatever” is practically a trademark over there. And I like it.)

I ran the idea by the little lady (little in stature, definitely not little in will or intelligence) and she put the kibosh on any such notion. In our family, we must unanimously agree to such major purchases (and many minor ones as well). Since we’ve been burned by Apple on any number of instances—let’s see: bought a Performa 575 in 1994 a month before the PowerPC chip was introduced, bought an iMac the day it was announced in 1998, and bought a PowerBook G4 the day it was announced in 2001—her hesitation is understandable. Note the word “understandable” there certainly doesn’t convey any agreement with her. You don’t get to the bleeding edge waiting for the best—and I bleed in six colors, baby.

She has a good point, though. The PowerPC 970 is super bitchin’ but how long is it going to be before the PowerPC 980 comes out? One year? Two? My greatest fear is that I’m going to have a computer that can’t run the latest incarnation of Mac OS X. On the other hand, it’s not like that’s ever happened—I buy computers too frequently. Well, I guess I’ll have to see what Steve announces and decide if it’s worth the full-court marital press.