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As promised yesterday, I watched Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law, Cartoon Network’s interesting new adult cartoon show, last night. The show’s premise is that Birdman (an obscure cartoon hero from the sixties) is a lawyer defending other obscure cartoon characters. The episode from last night was the second half of an episode about Birdman killing DynoMutt. If this sounds bizarre, it was.

It was also extremely interesting. I’ve always been fascinated by the taking of things out of their conventional context. That’s the reason I liked The Brady Bunch Movie, the movie where the Brady Bunch is brought into the context of the ’90s. I know that such decontextualization is completely pomo, but is it really so bad if I just enjoy it in an artistic way? That doesn’t mean that I’m a postmodernist, does it? I find Derrida a bore and Lacan completely obtuse.