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Upon the advice of these computer pranks, I played around with the printer at work—an HP LaserJet 4000M—and changed the default “READY” message on the front LCD to “PC LOAD LETTER.” If you’re not familiar with that message, please watch Office Space repeatedly until you get it. If you want to repeat my trick, I’ll have to tell you how to do it because the prank doesn’t go into near enough detail.

Other thoughts for the message:<ul><li>“BOW BEFORE ME, HEATHEN!”</li><li>“PAPER SIZE DOESN’T MATTER”</li><li>“OFFLINE”</li><li>“ALMOST READY”</li><li>“WARMING UP”</li><li>“HAVE A NICE DAY!”</li><li>“PLEASE WASH HANDS BEFORE TOUCHING ME”</li></ul>

If you have any other ideas, please leave them in the comments.