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Okay, whether this leak was intentional or not—and I’m leaning towards intentional—these specs are absolutely astounding. Slashdot, in keeping with its newfound Apple love, has an interesting discussion on the matter. Doesn’t this seem right up the alley of someone who might also be interested in the Mac OS X version of Quark XPress that was just announced? Hmm…me wonders if XPress was delayed because it was subtly optimized for an Apple with a 64-bit chip?

For those too lazy to click through, the specs basically say “You’re so gonna want one.” If you’re interested in commenting, please choose a topic: “How Bill Can Convince His Wife That We Need One of These Oh So Badly” or “8GB of DDR RAM? I Thought We’d Never Need More Than 640k”

[UPDATE: As the Apple Turns has a great scene about this leak. Oh and a hilarious poll as well—‘Uncontrollably doing a little leaking of a more personal nature’. Indeed.]

[UPDATE 2: One enterprising individual has already created a G5 Spec T-shirt in a vain effort to capitalize on Apple’s flub.]