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I think I’ve been pretty good at keeping up on my bloggery, but this weekend was just jam packed with family, friends, and reading. I apologize for the slack.

By way of recompense, here’s some links for your surfing pleasure:
<li>Poynter Institute exhibit on “The Art of Explanation”: I really liked the diagram of Hussein’s bunker</li>
<li>Mozilla Firebird: I just installed this on my work machine and it’s already unseated IE as my default browser there. It’s fast and spartan like Safari but standards-compliant like Mozilla. If you’ve got a Mac and don’t like Safari (heathen!), you might want to give Firebird a try.</li>
<li>FotoWiki: If you don’t know what a wiki is, you’re not alone. A wiki, which sounds vaguely dirty but isn’t, is a way for people to collaboratively edit documents—though not at the same time. FotoWiki is like that except it’s with pictures instead of text. Well, there’s text because you can’t edit pictures. Well, you can but why would you need a wiki to do that? Just check it out already.</li>
<li>Harvey Birdman article: this cartoon is on Bill’s viewing agenda tonight. I’ll report on it tomorrow.</li>
<li>Effective Rsum Creation: William Grosso—whoever that is—gives some tips as a follow-up to his previous entry. Worth a read for all you job-seekers out there.</li>