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My love affair with the Loop 101-State Route 51 interchange is over. It was a short, torrid event but she’s not what I thought she’d be.

Every morning is a line of cars that stretches three-quarters of a mile from my Cave Creek Road onramp to the interchange. You get to the turning lane on Cave Creek and it looks decent. “Aha!” you think. “Today, it’s going to clear up. The novelty has worn off on my fellow ignoramus drivers.” As you make the left turn, you see that it isn’t so. There’s nothing to do but queue up.

At least when I had to enter State Route 51 on Bell Road, I could be an asshole and skip directly to the front of the line with some aggressive opportunistic driving. Now I’m forced to wait like any other sucker. I think I may just do surface street driving to the Union Hills onramp until things get better—oh wait, this is Phoenix and traffic stinks no matter what they do.