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I cannot believe my eyes. In fact, my retinas are only now adjusting to the non-suckage as I close the site. At first, I thought it was one of those well-conceived examples of what not to do ever. Unfortunately, this North Dakota bank is near its centennial and protects $265 million in assets. It is, without a doubt, the worst looking site I’ve ever seen.

I could rattle off a laundry list of bad design decisions, horrible usability, gaffes, and mistakes but I think it’s putridness is self-evident. I don’t normally demean site designs because I know that it’s hard work and often compromises and concessions must be made, but this is beyond the pale.

With that introduction, I present you the aptly-titled WOWBanking site—I guess they decided against JawDroppinglyBadBanking—and apologize for any retinal damage it might inflict on you.

[One sidenote: don’t miss the Kids Zone, which is exactly what I thought the main site was when I first saw the link.]