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Today, my co-worker and I received our finalized itinerary for our impending trip to Portland (Hillsboro actually) for some training. I haven’t really mentioned it because, though we knew we were going last month—maybe even earlier—we didn’t have any details. In fact, the date flip-flopped around a bit.

We’re going to our online banking product vendor for some training on the latest version of their flagship product, Voyager. Yes, we bought it awhile ago, but we’re just now getting ready to start development. It’s going to be a huge project and I ask for your forgiveness in advance if blogging gets spotty.

The good news is that we’re flying to Portland via America West in first class. Oh yeah! Bill Brown is living large on the company dime! What’s more, I called the hotel where we’ll be staying and they’ve got high-speed Internet access in every room; I’ll be bringing my trusty sidekick Thor along and plan to make use of the time to get the BBIC cleaned up a bit.

I also plan to see the Portland Rose Gardens and Japanese Garden, taking pictures aplenty. No one can accuse me of not stopping to smell the roses!