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I’m at Corillian for some training (as I’ve mentioned before) and this place seems like a typical dot-com environment, except that it’s survived the dot-com crash barely. There’s interesting furniture aplenty, free beverage station, pool tables, foosball tables, ping-pong tables, and fancy everything.

I am most intrigued by some of the seating options. There’s a long, cylindrical vinyl stool that looks like it wouldn’t be comfortable but really is. My favorite are these stools that look like old-style tall ashtrays or largish dumbbells standing vertically. The seat has minimal padding and the base is bevelled in such a way that it maintains stability with about 30° of movement each way from the perpendicular. Sitting on it, your legs basically form the seat’s other supports and it is really comfortable. I’m sure it’s insanely expensive, so it won’t be making an appearance at the physical home of the BBIC, aka the Brown Manor.

It provides an interesting contrast to both my current employer and the Corillian I visited two years ago.