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What is it with morning television shows? You know, the ones with a trio of anchors aflutter with the need to chit-chat publicly. I thought the Phoenix ones were bad enough, but this Portland crew is the worst I’ve seen.

This morning, they had a segment on a local lady who was arrested for not returning a video game rental for over six years—the usual newsworthy stuff you see on these programs. The main anchor—he did most of the talking in the show—responds to the voiceover comment of “Why did she go to jail?” with “You know it wasn’t because she was sexy.” At this point, I double-taked. I cannot believe that he said that. The other anchors also paused for a split-second then they started gyrating in their chairs and saying “Snap!” etc. Snarky, though completely unprofessional. My local talking heads would never have acted that way and they’re pretty bubbly. In fact, that seems harsher than anything that my previous candidate for worst morning show, Good Day LA, would do.

This comment (and the general rowdiness that preceded and followed it) strikes me as mean-spirited and wholly unnecessary. Granted, these shows are mainly just filler but shouldn’t they still rise above the common rudeness of everyday life?