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I just got done watching Crazy/Beautiful and I am really impressed. I think Kirsten Dunst is an underrated actress who hopefully has a very long career ahead of her. She is convincing as both a spoiled daughter of a Congressman living self-destructively and as a troubled teenager coming to grips with her feelings.

On the one hand, it’s a typical teen flick about the seeming life-altering impact of being in love at that age. Nicole (Dunst) falls in love with Carlos (Jay Hernandez), a kid bused in from a poorer neighborhood with ambitions of making something of himself. A rich, white girl falling in love with a poor, Latino boy from the wrong side of the tracks has certainly been done to death.

What was different about this movie was the realism of the portrayal. The gritty, raw performance of Nicole’s descent struck a chord with me. I got involved with her character; I believed that she was really going through the events in the story. When she finally hit rock bottom and realized the consequences of the path she was travelling, I actually cared. I finished the movie genuinely happy that she was going to be alright.

In sum, I consider this a really good movie that is worthy of rental and purchase. I would rent it just to make sure that it doesn’t bother you and then purchase it once you discover what a good movie it is.