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I love the idea behind Seamless City. I’m big into taking pictures; I especially love panoramics because they capture what is visible to a person rather than one particular scene that might encompass 45° of the 360° of life.

The idea is very simple: take a continuous (and seamless) series of pictures of a city along a route. The execution is much, much more complex because a) the scope is ambitious—to the tune of a 30-mile route—and b) the presentation is difficult—luckily, the designers decided on a linear route and will probably not allow hypertextual non-linearity. I have half a mind to do this for Phoenix but three problems spring immediately to mind:

<li>What 30 miles of Phoenix is particularly interesting?</li>
<li>I’d have to get out of my car to take these pictures.</li>
<li>I have a full-time job already and enough sideline ideas to occupy the rest of my life.</li>

So there you have it: enjoy San Francisco’s treatment since you won’t be seeing it in this town (at least from me, let me know if you are doing it on your own).