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There are tons of funky t-shirts available on the Web.

If you’re an ardent breastfeeder, BreastOrBust has got apparel to flaunt your chosen baby-feeding method.

If you’re a geek, there’s a ton of places to get shirts that signify your grokking of grepping. From the practically institutional ThinkGeek—my favorites are “There’s no place like” and “I don’t work here”—to ComputerGear—I like this one— to Copyleft, computer geeks have a broad range of options.

If you’re confrontational and vulgar, the Web’s got you covered too. Vulgaritees is an obvious first place to visit, but you’ve definitely got to check out if you’re looking for something to get you thrown out of a mall.

My personal favorite T-shirt site is, which bills itself as “Radical T-Shirts for Rational Minds.” Yep, that fits me to a T. ba bum bum ching groan