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Bashing Napster, Kazaa (“Best not to mess with karma.”), PressPlay, and Rhapsody, Steve unveils the “acquire” portion of Apple’s new “Acquire. Manage. Listen.” campaign to replace “Rip. Mix. Burn.”

Quoting Hunter S. Thompson (whoa!), he announces that he’s signed deals with all of the five major labels for a library of 200,000 tracksexpanding dailywith unlimited CD burns, unlimited number of iPods, play on a limit of three Macs (you can transfer registrations), and use in the iLife applications. All for 99 per track!

He’s now explaining the value proposition of the new service: reliable downloads (already doing QuickTime trailers), “pristine” encoding, free thirty-second previews (!), and album cover art (!). I’m not sure I’ll buy another CD again!

You can even browse and search the iTunes Music Store just like iTunes!