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Today it was revealed that E.G. Ross, the editor of The Objective American Daily and a magazine of the same name as well as a prolific author, died of a cerebral aneurysm.

I was a long-time, daily reader of his writings. His common-sense, optimistic approach resonated soundly with me. His site was the first stop of my Web surfing and it always started the day off on the right foot. Whether he was discussing his thoughts on the defense industry or answering questions on psychology, he was always on message. I was amazed at how consistent and principled a writer he was and I aspired to be like him. This blog was inspired by his diligence and persistence. On days when I couldn’t think of anything to say, I would think to myself, “Ross does it so you can to.”

It is a crying shame that he died in his prime. I only hope that death was painless and quick because a mind like his shouldn’t suffer or be crippled. I am filled with sorrow at this important voice that is now silent.

To E.G. Ross, you lived an amazing life and touched mine in a significant way. Thank you for everything.