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Dual Monitor Goodness

At right is a picture of a blessed event at my work: the installation of a second video card to my Dell computer. This blessed event allows me to use the second monitor that has been inert for weeks now in eager anticipation of said event. Bill’s woefully small cubicle is now awash in dual monitor goodness.

Other things to note in picture on right: 1) IBM’s old THINK motto perched on side wall of cubicle, obtained from father who once worked for Control Data, 2) frame perched atop second monitor that reads “You are my sunshine” and contains a picture of the sun—makes me laugh everytime I see it, which is constantly, 3) my PowerBook G4—Thor to his friends—barely visible by my left shoulder, 4) a blank frame on my cubicle wall placed in a sort of “I don’t have a computer science degree to proudly display” irony, 5) that white thing in the center of my ear is Dagny—my iPod, and 6) I am reading a free trial issue of Inside Web Development magazine and a “special” offer of $127 a year—the camera didn’t capture the scuttling of said ‘zine shortly after.