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Apparently, the Objectivist-oriented art magazine Aristos is back online. The magazine—though I guess e-zine would be more proper—is edited by Louis Torres and Michelle Marder Kamhi, authors of What Art Is: The Esthetic Theory of Ayn Rand. WAI is a weighty critical examination of Ayn Rand’s theory of aesthetics, incompletely laid out primarily in The Romantic Manifesto and also throughout the rest of her corpus. Sometimes the points they make are niggling, but I think they’ve really analyzed her theories and firmed up some of the weaker areas. I especially liked their treatment of music, an area of aesthetics that Ayn Rand herself admitted she hadn’t been able to tackle effectively.

Oh yeah, so Aristos is back. The neatest thing in their return is the features on Jack Schaefer, author of the excellent Western novel Shane. Apparently, TNT has made a version of Monte Walsh that is very well-done. I remembered seeing a commercial for the movie and thinking that it was worthwhile to view, but never knowing that it was a Schaefer Western. I think Tom Selleck is a wonderful Western star and TNT seems to be making the most of that.

I must confess to also never even knowing that Schaefer had written more than Shane.