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The best Switcher story I’ve ever read (excerpt):
And I want to do better, want us all to want to do better. I don’t know what you do, but between us we do everything, and I believe that if the tools with which we do things were all this inspiring, we would do them better. And it compounds: as you make your things better, the person who uses your things to make their things makes their things better. Maybe you think I’ve been drugged, and a few bouncing icons can never instigate a better world, but better worlds have to start being better somewhere. Many somewheres, of course; the German who insisted on putting gel-damped grab-handles in my Golf is starting somewhere, and the Korean who designed the backlighting for my cell-phone keypad, and the manager at BMG who agreed to make the rest of the My So-Called Life DVDs. Tomorrow, or the next day, you’ll get a chance to start somewhere, too.

It’s this intangible betterness that has always eluded me in explaining why I prefer Apple computers. Glenn has captured it, though in a more long-winded form than most people can take. That’s a pity, too, because his style and power of expression make for great credibility. As if to prove my point, he’s also written an elegant description of the iPod’s perfection.