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I’ve added pages for my formal writing, like essays and reviews. You’ll notice that everything is, at present, available only in Adobe Acrobat format. That is not some plagiarism-paranoia on my part, but a quick and easy way for me to make available a huge batch of my writing. If you didn’t know, Mac OS X features the ability to save output as PDFs. It is trivial to open an essay in my word processor and then save it to PDF.

Please note, it is also trivially easy to output the same document as HTML but the word processor—like all other word processors I’ve encountered—produces horrific, non-validating HTML, requiring hand-editing. I shudder to think of doing all this in an XML format—a longer-term goal of mine.

Also, if you read the essays, note the caveat on the front page of the writings section. All of these essays are imperfect and some represent immature views held on my part in my youth. If you are curious about anything therein, feel free to contact me with feedback, comments, and complaints. My next tasks for this site are to flush out the places section, convert all of the essays and reviews to HTML, and PDFify any essays and reviews written since 1999 (maybe 2000, I can’t remember which).