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I’ve been enjoying several commercials lately.
<li>Toyota Camry: it’s got a great background music track and the guy is doing all sorts of thrilling moves on empty freeways and streets. Just makes me want to do them in my Camry, except that I don’t think my car could do those things.</li>
<li>M&M’s: I like that one with the guy smacking around the snack machine trying to get the M&M to let go. It builds up to the climax very effectively, leading you to wonder what candy bar is stuck until it turns out to be one of the animated M&M.</li>
<li>Sierra Mist: I can’t help it, I’m a total sucker for grinning dogs. There is just something so comedic about a dog smiling.</li>
<li>Pepsi Twist: I watch The Osbournes occasionally because Sandi surprisingly likes the show. At any rate, the part where Ozzy says “You’re a bunch of bloody magicians” captures the essence of Ozzy—completely out-of-touch with reality and stupid at the same time.</li>
<li>Doritos: Tony Hawk is an amazing athlete—watch him in the X Games if you don’t believe me—and the commercial with him doing daily activities without getting off his skateboard is mostly inspired (the part with the cart is a little stupid).</li>
<li>Blind Date Uncensored: There is a part in that commercial where a woman showed up to the blind date topless. She rings the doorbell and the guy answers. After the split-second when he realizes that she’s half-naked, his eyes bug out and he says “Holy smokes!” in such a way that it’s indelibly burned into my consciousness.</li>

[UPDATE (12/2/2005): I got an email from that “holy smokes” guy today. That was all there was to the email. “I am that holy smokes guy from Blind date!” Uh, thanks.]