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I must have an engorged entrepreneurial gland in my body somewhere because I am obsessed with becoming wealthy and being my own boss. I’ve had all sorts of ideas in the past, some good and some unfeasible. Everyone has had a common theme: crowded market with high psychological barriers to entry. It’s hard mentally to see a lot of successful players and say to yourself, “I want me some of that.” The more you investigate, the more ludicrous the value-proposition of such endeavors becomes: it’s just not worth the time and money to try to improve on their widgets. And there’s the fear that the market, once entered, would copy your ideas and leave you with JAPOS (just another piece of software).

I’m through with that. I’ve got a great idea and I’m not going to let a crowded market stop me from entry. My idea is different than theirs, better than theirs, and cheaper than theirs. What’s more, just the act of creating a product has side benefits because of the knowledge increase and marketability of skills learnt. I’m going to get into it and if I make scads of money, great. If not, it won’t be a total loss.

What’s the product? Well, I hardly know you. Why would I share that info with you, bucko? If you’re someone that I would confide in, drop me an email. You know my address.