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After two weeks with Dagny, my wonderful iPod, I've come to realize the true greatness that she is. I always knew owning an iPod would be neat because I listen to tunes on Thor, my laptop, and enjoy it.

What I didn't know (or expect) was how my life would change with the iPod. It has made music pervasive in my life. While I'm getting ready for work, I've got the headphones in and music blaring. On the ride to work, at work, even in the bathroom, my eardrums are bathed in the sweet sounds of over 1,500 mp3s—don't worry: I keep it in my pocket and the listening is totally hands-free if you get my drift. Music is no longer something to listen to on the way to work or while chained to my desk. It's everywhere. I've listened to more music these last two weeks than I probably had in the last six months.