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Tonight I saw Maid in Manhattan ( I was surprised at how much I liked it.

I’m not a fan of Jennifer Lopez, but not for any particular reason. I’ve never heard any of her music AFAIK and never seen any of her other moviesthough I wanted to see Angel Eyes and always thought she was an attractive Fly Girl. She is definitely a good actress and the story, written by John Hughes, travels familiar ground.

What interested me in particular was that Lopez’s character is adamant that she’s good enough for anyone, that she is not just some Puerto Rican maid but a person capable and worthy of love. I like that message and I think it easily could have tread the usual stereotypes and had Ralph Fiennes like Lopez in spite of her station. Instead, she makes a principled stand to her mother and he stands up to press and aide expectations. And nothing seemed forced or contrivedan amazing achievement in itself.

Plus, I really like Ralph Fiennes though I’ve only seen him in Quiz Show. Sandi paid me an exceedingly nice compliment in comparing his looks to my own. Ahh.