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Sorry for not posting yesterday, but I took my wife on a romantic outing and blogging just didn’t fit into the picture. We stayed at my favorite hotel, The Buttes, but I didn’t get to use the in-room, high-speed Internet access if you get my drift.

We went to see Dralion by Cirque du Soleil. Anyone who knows my wife would have told me that I was taking a big gamble in surprising her by taking her to the circus, but I didn’t tell or ask anyone. The tickets were $65 apiece—so get the DVD if you want the experience less expensive—and I tried unsuccessfully to keep knowledge of that fact from her because she could validly think of a million better ways to spend $130. But I wanted to take her to something that she normally wouldn’t go to because I think that new experiences are valuable.

The show was absolutely amazing. She, predictably, hated the clowns. Words simply cannot describe the juggler. I’d try to review the acts but they were really unlike anything I’d ever seen. Some of the things they were doing acrobatically were far more impressive than anything I’ve ever seen in gymnastics; you have to wonder why these people aren’t gymnasts—perhaps the money’s not as good. They sure seem Olympic in ability.