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My friend Larry and his friend (I’d consider him my own too, now) Sean just left this morning. (This morning is more of a conceptual notion since this post is technically going out in the morning.) Larry just finished law school and is moving to Washington, D.C. to clerk for a judge.

They were in town because Sean is accompanying Larry on the San Diego to St. Louis leg. Sean is chronicling the journey on his site in his inimitable style. In the Day 2 entry, Sean makes some pretty absurd claims about Laser Quest. Just because the guy gets a lucky game (scoring 1000+ points), suddenly he’s an expert about laser game strategy. He speaks derisively about people who find a “magic hiding place”—that’s me he’s referring to, by the way. You should have seen my spot though. It had awesome views of four different areas and I ranked at second place (behind Sean). All in all, I had a great time shooting my friends and various small kids.